We, at Ostro, are committed to safeguarding our environment. We believe that our operations have a limited environmental impact, which is an integral part of the value we deliver to our stakeholders. This policy demonstrates Ostro’s commitment to sustainable development through application of best environmental practices in our business. We are committed-

  • To adopt a systematic approach for mitigating the limited environmental impacts of our operations.
  • To voluntarily establish, maintain and practice a certifiable environmental management system (ISO: 14001).
  • To ensure that all our activities are in compliance with applicable environmental regulations.
  • To provide training and resources to accomplish our environmental commitments.
  • To make efficient use of resources required for our operations, dispose and recycle waste from our
    operations in an environmentally sound manner.
  • This policy is applicable to all business and project related activities of Ostro Energy. All employees and
    contractors of Ostro are required to adhere with this policy

Ranjit Gupta
Chief Executive Officer
Date: MAY 2015
Ostro Energy: Environmental Policy-Revision-0
Ostro Energy: Health and Safety Policy-Revision-0