We, at Ostro, firmly believe that health & safety of our employees and contractors is of utmost importance. Ostro is committed to practice, promote and inculcate best possible standards of health and safety in its business. We believe that Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility and Line Management has a leadership role in implementation of, and ensuring compliance with HSE policies and standards. In pursuit of our belief and commitment, we strive –

  • To ensure that all employees and contractors work in safe working conditions.
  • To identify and eliminate all risks by taking adequate preventive measures.
  • To provide health and safety training to all relevant persons.
  • To establish, maintain and practice a certifiable occupational health and safety management system
    (OHSAS: 18001).
  • To ensure that all activities are in compliance with applicable health and safety regulations

Ostro is committed to develop a culture of safety through active leadership at all levels and making sure
that resources are made available to implement this policy.

This policy is applicable to all business and project related activities of Ostro Energy. All employees and contractors of Ostro are required to adhere to this policy

Ranjit Gupta
Chief Executive Officer
Date: January 2015